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  1. What are Lawyer HomePages at
  1. is a consumer-oriented Web site specifically targeted at non-legal individuals and small businesses who require legal advice and assistance. It profiles more than 420,000 lawyers and firms and provides consumers with complete, credible and up-to-date legal information to help them better understand the law and their legal options.

    Lawyer HomePages allow you to supplement the data in your Professional Biography with practical information, attention-grabbing images and interactive features via a personal Web site that is linked to (Go to Lawyer HomePages Overview or Features and Benefits to learn more.)
  1. Who is eligible to have a Lawyer HomePage at
  1. Lawyers and firms that maintain a Professional Biography in the most current edition of the Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory and have a consumer-oriented practice will be available via a search at Lawyer HomePages are reserved for sole practitioners and small law firms.
  1. Wouldn't I be better off creating my own Web site?
  1. Building, hosting and maintaining your own Web site can cost thousands of dollars and involve significant effort. Even if you create your own site, it doesn't generate traffic if users don't know where to find it. banner ads appear on Yahoo!, AOL, Infoseek, AltaVista, Excite, Webcrawler, HotBot, Switchboard and SuperPages when keywords such as "lawyers" and "attorneys" are used as search criteria. A consumer-directed public relations campaign teamed with radio spots and print newspaper advertising also drives high-volume traffic to

    Additionally, you will have the advantage of one of the most recognizable addresses on the Web - to use on your business cards, advertisements, letterhead and other promotional materials. Your Lawyer HomePage will be accessible to the non-legal public via a link from, to legal professionals via Lawyer Locator at and directly when your personalized URL is entered into a browser. Your URL can also appear in your Professional Biography in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.
  1. How long will it take to create my Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer HomePage?
  1. The time it takes you to create your Lawyer HomePage will vary depending upon the number of pages you create and the content you choose. Once you have prepared the content, you should be able to create a simple site in a couple of hours. (See Building Your Web site with Page Designer for more information.)
  1. How can this Web site be so inexpensive?
  1. Lawyer HomePages are "do-it-yourself" Web sites that allow you to take advantage of Martindale-Hubbell's distribution technology and database infrastructure to create a Web site at well below the market rate. (See Prices, Terms and Conditions.)
  1. Do I need any special computer equipment?
  1. To access the Internet and utilize Page Designer, you will need a minimum of an 80486 PC with 8MB RAM and a 28,800 BPS modem (a Pentium computer is recommended for maximum performance).

    Page Designer is compatible only with the following operating systems:
    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows NT 4.0

    You will also need an Internet connection and an Internet Browser. Page Designer is compatible with the following browsers when using the above-listed operating systems only:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 +
    • AOL 4.0 for Windows 95/98

    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 is recommended, and may be downloaded from
  1. Is my Lawyer HomePage linked to my Martindale-Hubbell listing?
  1. Attorney profiles and general firm information (name, address, phone, Email) are drawn from the Martindale-Hubbell database and can only be altered by changing that data in your Professional Biography. There will be a hypertext link from your listing at to your Lawyer HomePage and vice versa.
  1. Don't consumers already use Martindale-Hubbell?
  1. Yes. The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory can be found at most libraries and is already heavily used on the Internet at This new site at contains information more relevant to consumers, such as tips on Hiring a Lawyer, information About the Law, a database to Locate a Lawyer, a forum for general legal questions at Ask a Lawyer and articles on Law Today. (See About for more details.)

    The focus on consumer legal issues at makes it more relevant to the needs of the non-legal public, while is designed to meet the needs of a professional legal audience.
  1. How will my Lawyer HomePage be found on the Internet?
  1. Visitors can access your Lawyer HomePage from your listings at and, as well as directly by entering your personalized URL in their browser. At, consumers will be able to find you by searching by your location, lawyer or firm name, areas of practice or languages.
  1. Under what areas of practice will my Web site be found?
  1. Your firm will be indexed under the areas of practice shown in individual attorney profiles in your Martindale-Hubbell Professional Biography. Only those areas of practice related to consumer legal issues will be indexed and searchable at (Go to Areas of Practice for a detailed list.)
  1. Can I move my Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer HomePage to another host or supplier?
  1. No. Each year, you license the Page Designer application to update and maintain your site in conjunction with your Martindale-Hubbell listing renewal. The license to view, update or access your Lawyer HomePage ceases upon listing non-renewal or cancellation of your subscription.
  1. Does my State Bar Association need to review my Lawyer HomePage?
  1. Some Bar Associations consider Web sites a form of advertising that requires prior approval. We recommend you contact your State Bar Association to ensure compliance with local bar regulations regarding advertising on the Internet. A useful secondary source is the site, which outlines State Bar policies on these issues.
  1. If I sign up now, what are the next steps?
  1. Shortly after signing up, you will receive additional information designed to help you begin planning your site. About the time you receive your Martindale-Hubbell listing proof, you will receive a Starter Kit that provides instructions along with your Page Designer User ID and Password so you can begin constructing your site. Costs associated with your Lawyer HomePage will appear on your regular Martindale-Hubbell invoice. (Go to Order Now for immediate assistance.)
  1. What steps must I complete to build a Web site?
  1. Firms using Page Designer will create their Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer HomePages in seven easy steps:
    1. Receive a Starter Kit including a User ID and Password.
    2. Access the Page Designer URL via an Internet-connected Web browser and login with your assigned User ID and Password.
    3. Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the License Agreement.
    4. Customize your site's URL.
    5. Select a template and customize the five Basic Pages: Home Page, Attorney Bio Page, Firm Description page, Contact Us page, and Directions page.
    6. Preview completed Basic Pages and either publish the site or select and design additional pages.
    7. Publish site to make it publicly available.

              See Building Your Web site with Page Designer for more details.

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