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According to current minimum building standards, our inspection does more than just help with present decisions on home buying, it also builds a foundation of knowledge about the house and its systems, allowing you to take true pride of ownership.  And you are confident in knowing exactly what you are buying.

Equipped with home-maintenance information, you stand a far better chance of protecting your investment and increasing its worth over time, rather than having items left to be discovered after you move in or worse when you decide to sell the property and have items come up during your buyers inspection.

Many items on houses 1-10 years old have had the defects since the day they were moved into.

Let a professional do your 1-2 year walk-through.  We know the areas that are forgotten or left out because we see them every day.  We will put together a full inspection report and go over all the items with you.  We will also provide you and the builder a detailed list of repairs to bring your home up to current standards.

New home construction inspections are available in multiple stages to meet your needs in monitoring quality issues.  Two Phase (Rough Frame & Final Walk) construction inspections are most common for tract homes.  Many builders have these two walks already in their schedule.  These inspections happen when (1) Framing is complete, roof is loaded, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are roughed in. And (2) When all trades are complete, all utilities are on, and the house has been professionally cleaned.

Pre-slab or underground inspections are possible on larger custom homes whereas smaller tract homes are built so quickly that scheduling an underground or footing inspection is not always possible.  If you are interested in any pre-slab inspection please contact your builder first.

No Guessing - Know the facts about your home before you move in.

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