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Inspecting Homes in Arizona since 1996
Digital Photos Provided On-Site
$ 1,000,000 E/O  (Errors and Omissions)
$ 1,000,000 General Liability
$ 1,000.000 Referral Agent or Broker Protection
AZ License #38071 and #38549
Over 14 Years Construction Experience In The Valley
Summary of Repairs Included With Inspection
1-2 Year Warranty Inspections
Read & Sign Our Inspection Agreement !!

 - Certified Arizona Home Inspector -

- Custom Homes, Tract Homes, New Homes -

We are now able to produce a full color inspection report including color photographs onto a CD at the inspection site. If you have any suggestions that would improve our service please send them to We are always looking for ways to

For more information please "Contact Us"  602-234-9233.