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No Worries - Once you have your home inspected by a Licensed Professional Inspector, you can relax.

No Surprises - Pre-inspections let you buy with confidence &  increased peace of mind.

But not just any inspector can give you peace of mind. Some are steeped in legal wrangling and law suits. All inspectors and inspections are definitely not alike.

Diligent inspections evaluate the condition of the home and it's components based upon the simple criteria of durability and serviceability according to current building standards. The inspection report removes the guesswork for the buyers by revealing the surprises that are otherwise left to be discovered after you have moved in. This also allows you to plan for needed investments and upgrades.

Real Estate agents can provide home owners insurance policy information on homes that qualify for coverage. We protect the relationship to the client by providing the homebuyer a follow up or secondary inspection at a reduced rate after repairs are performed.

Some of the areas we look at include but are not limited to are:  Exterior Structure, Drainage, Plumbing, Roofs/Trusses, Porches, Windows, Gutters, Foundations Walls, Siding, Trim, Doors, Hardware, Drive & Sidewalks, Patios Deck, and all electrical, Attics, and Heating and Cooling equipment.

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- Custom Homes, Tract Homes, New Homes -

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