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The Iron Clavos -
One of our decorative nails is the Iron Clavos and it is used in many pieces of Southwestern Furniture. For our full sampling of our iron clavos selection please click on the Iron Clavos Link above.  The sizes of the iron clavos range from 1 inch to 3 inches in length and can be hammered into any piece of furniture.  Any style of Clavos that you can imagine can be hand crafted by our artisans.  If you can dream it, we can forge it - whether it be an Iron Clavos, Bronze Clavos, Pewter Clavos or Pewter Knob, Bronze Knob, or Handles.

The Bronze Clavos -
Another one of our decorative nails is the Bronze Clavos and is also easily hammered into any piece of furniture to give the piece more of a southwest appeal.  The bronze clavos has a rustic finish and adds the old world touch to your furniture.  Click on the Bronze Clavos Link above for our complete selection.  As always you can design many types of Clavos Nails of your own !!

The Pewter Clavos -
It is the Pewter Clavos selection of our decorative nails that really shine.  These sparkling forged pieces accent many of the finest pieces of southwestern furniture.  Click on the Pewter Clavos Link to see our complete line.   Or call us and we can forge one of your own design.

The Pewter Knobs -
Please pay special attention to our selection of Pewter Knobs.  These Pewter Knobs are used in many areas of fine cabinetry.  Click on the Pewter Knobs link to see our selection.  As with our Clavos Nails, you can design your own Pewter Knobs.  Call our Clavos Connection Artisans today.

The Bronze Knobs -
Perhaps the finest selection of Bronze Knobs anywhere can be found right here at the "Clavos Connection".   These Bronze Knobs are perfectly designed, forges and prepared for next day delivery.  We are proud of our bronze knob selection and can redesign any knob to fit you special needs.

The Cabinet Handles  and new designs-
We have many new designs and cabinet handles that are particularly interesting.  Click on our link above and look for the "New Stuff" link to see our newest creations.


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