The History Of The Ballots

Each Ballot Is Uniquely Identified & One Of A Kind

These are the actual voting ballots used in South Africa's first ever free election.  On April 27th, 1994, South Africa's Black majority participated in the democratic process for the first time, bringing Nelson Mandela to power and effectively ending 340 years of minority-imposed government.

After the historic election, all of the marked ballots were counted and then promptly destroyed.  The few remaining unmarked ballot papers that survived are being offered here for the first time, while they last.

In order to ensure a fair and legitimate election, all ballot papers were printed on watermarked parchment paper by DE LA RUE in the UK at a cost of $60 million dollars donated by Western nations.

In commemoration of Mandela's official retirement, Barker is releasing, for the first time ever, three Provincial ballot papers from Cape Town, Durban, And Johannesburg.  Also available is a limited release of National Ballots.  Place Your Order Here !!


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