Experience South Africa's First Free Election
-- With an original, unused voting ballot  . . .
"A Piece Of History !! "

One of history's most important documents is now available for a limited time only.

These rare ballots were recovered after being hijacked just prior to the election in 1994. After being recovered, requests for souvenirs came from all over the world.  These ballots were then put out on auction by the South African Government and won by American entrepreneur, Norris Barker.

In commemoration of Mandela's official retirement, Barker is releasing, for the first time ever, three Provincial ballot papers from Cape Town, Durban, And Johannesburg.  Also available is a limited release of National Ballots.

The three provincial ballots are priced at the incredibly low price of $29 US, plus $9.95 shipping (for all three). 

For each set of three (3) provincial ballots ordered, National Ballots can also be purchased for an additional $29 (no additional shipping charge) - limited to 10 National ballots per customerPlace Your Order !!


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limited to 10 National ballots per customer)
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